About Us


Puredrop Desalination are dedicated to making water on your property clean and drinkable for the plants and animals on your property or farmland. Our experienced staff members stay updated on the newest innovations in water desalination to provide the latest technology in the industry. From manufacturing and sales to installation and continued parts provision, Puredrop Desalination have all your desalination needs covered.

Puredrop Desalination machines were designed and manufactured by Don McPherson in Central Victoria over 12 years ago. The original units were much larger and more expensive. Over time and a lot of trial and error, Don has engineered a more efficient and cost effective machine. The current units are smaller in size and cheaper to run, and they produce higher quality water.

Don is now working towards retirement, so he has sold the business to Chris and Alicia Martin. Don is working closely with Chris and Alicia to ensure the machines produced are of the highest quality.

At Puredrop Desalination, our mission is to maintain our commitment to providing quality products with excellent service.

Manufactured in Central Victoria for shipping Australia wide 

Puredrop Desalination are based in Axe Creek, VIC, but we also serve the surrounding areas. Whatever your unique filtration needs, we’ll ensure you access the technologies you need for safe, clean water. Find out more about our desalination products by contacting one of our friendly representatives today. We’d be happy to discuss how they work and give you an estimate on our services.
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